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Enrolling in ITT-Tech could be the worst mistake of your life.

A mistake that can cost you on upwards of $75,000 + time.

Don't make the mistake, do your research on for-profit schools and ITT-Tech.

Choose Non-Profit education with regionally accredited degrees.

  1. ITT Tech and other for-profit schools cost at least twice as much compared to a traditional state-funded community college or university.

  2. For-profit schools are educational institutions that are run by private, profit-seeking companies or organizations. Most are publicly traded on the stock market.

  3. ACICS Board of Directors consists of executives from ITT-Tech, Apollo College, Bryan College, Santa Barbara Business College,Pinnacle Career Institute, Career Education Corporation, Lincoln Educational Services, and more. ITT-Tech practically accredits themselves.

  4. ITT-Tech, like many for-profit schools are not regionally accrediated. Most state-funded college and universities will not accept credits from ITT-Tech!