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Wikipedia ITT Tech Discussion Page Quote

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Wikipedia ITT Tech Discussion Page Quote

Postby admin » March 18th, 2008, 6:28 am

I got this quote from the ITT Tech Wikipedia Entry on the discussion page:

Being a graduate of ITT in Phoenix,AZ, I can honestly say it is not a diploma mill. However, it was the worst mistake I have made in my life. That is personal bias and not appropriate for Wikipedia, though. I do know that the one I went to had mostly substandard instructors who did not seem to display a working knowledge of the subjects they were teaching, yet there were a few who were bright and articulate. I can say for a fact that every single job I have applied for with an ITT diploma has not even called me back; they wish to hire people with "real" degrees, from universities like ASU, even if I scored higher on their entrance test. ITT promised me that upon completion of the associates program for electronic engineering, I would be placed in a job with a minimum of 50,000$ a year starting salary, and of course after a year or so of attending the school, that promise was revoked. I do not recommend ANYone attending ANY ITT program, but I'm not about to add any of that into the wiki article.

There you go, THE WORST MISTAKE i have made in my life. Guess what he went to the TEMPE, AZ Campus!

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